Certification and Attestation

Every segment of the society whether it is an individual or business entity in the shape of partnership/ Corporate Entity created under any applicable rules and regulation of various laws of India, requires certification from Chartered Accountants.

Such certification and attestation includes the following:-

  • Certificates on the basis of financial books of accounts and annual financial statements such as- Capital contribution certificate, Gross turn over certificate, Sundry debtors certificate and closing stock certificate, statutory liabilities certificate etc.
  • Certificates on the basis of statutory records being maintained under Indian Companies Act, 2013 and other applicable laws.
  • Certification of Fare Values of Shares of Company for the scope of merger / de-merger, Buy Back, Allotment of further shares and transfer of shares from resident to non-resident.
  • Certificates for foreign remittance outside India in form 15CB.
  • Net worth Certificates for the purpose of Bank finances, Bank guarantee, Student Study Loan and Issuance of Visa by Foreign Embassy.
  • Certification of arms length price u/ 92 of the income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Utilization Certificates of the funds/ Grants needed by NGO’s, Statutory Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, and charitable organizations.
  • Certification under the Income-Tax laws for various Deductions, etc.
  • Certification for claim of refund under GST Act and other Indirect Taxes.
  • Certification under Exchange Control legislation for imports, remittances, ECB,DGFT,EOU, etc
  • Various Certificates needed by the Companies Planning for initial Public Issue.
  • Certification of Standalone balance sheets for the purpose of Public Issue.

xpertstax being a Peer reviewed firm is eligible to issue the above certificates.

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