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Other Services

  • Form16 PDF Software
  • Enterprise software to generate digital Form 16. Millions of Form 16s are generated using this software. We also provide free of charge software customization for corporate. The software is updated annually as per tax laws. Key features of Form 16 PDF Software Automatic parsing of payroll data in plain text, csv or spreadsheet format. Generation of PDF Form 16 for all the employee records Supports separate directories for different company codes Installable on both windows and linux platformsSource code is available for customization Open-source software; no licensing issues Configurable settings adaptable to needs of your company Extremely fast – on a dual core PC with 4GM memory, it takes less time per Form 16 than any other software How to evaluate enterprise Form 16 PDF software Is the software installable on standard PC? How customizable is the software? Does the software work on linux machines? Does the software provider offers on-site support? At what cost? Is the software being used at large companies? What are the performance specifications of the software? What is the frequency of updates/upgrades?What is the licensing policy? This is complementary software from taxspanner for all the companies in India who issue Digital Form 16 to employees.
  • Form16 Signer Software
  • Enterprise software to affix digital signature certificates on Form 16 PDFs. Saves millions of sheets of paper by doing away the need of physically signed Form 16. Supports all types of DSC. The backend applications such as the payroll application are used to generate the Form 16 details, which contain income, deductions, investments, and other income tax related details pertaining to an employee. These details are then printed onto a prescribed format and an authorized signatory affixes his/her signatures. When this document is rendered digitally and signed using a digital signature certificate, it is a legally empowered document acceptable in the courts of law. In order to facilitate this, it is necessary to incorporate digital signature capabilities in the backend application, which is non-trivial, or use a digital signature application which can take the inputs from the backend application, create the Form 16, digitally sign it, and email it to the recipient. Taxspanner Form 16 Signer software meets the requirements of signing Form 16, its distribution via email and (optional) e-filing facilitation to employees. Form 16 signer is a stand-alone extension of the Form 16 PDF Software. It can either be used in conjunction with generation of Form 16 or it can be used to only affix digital signatures to already generated PDF Form 16s. Key features of Form 16 Signer Software Takes as input Form16 PDF files or directly imports data from payroll Digitally signs the Form 16 using an authorized person’s Digital Signature Certificate Company logo, image of signature and many other aesthetic customizations can be done using configuration file Email the Form 16 to employees using distribution information provided in a control file (optional) The Form 16 can also be uploaded to Employee Intranet Account Embeds encrypted hyperlink in Form 16 which the employee can use to automatically prepare and e-file his/her ITR at TaxSpanner.com (This is an optional feature which can be enabled/disabled using configuration parameter) This is complementary software from taxspanner for all the companies in India who issue Digital Form 16 to employees.
  • Employee Proof Verification
  • Verification of employee’s income tax proofs is a serious responsibility of the employer, which is expected to be discharged in accordance with the law. We provide end-to-end solution for proof verification, along with expert resources to assist you during the proof verification process. We offer two solutions to employee proof verification: I. Physical proof verification Activities involved: Collect paper documents (income tax proofs) from the employees Taxspanner professionals will perform below mentioned activities at corporate locations a. Open the corporate IT Declaration utility b. Verify the paper documents submitted by the employees as per employee declaration in the utility c. Approve/Reject/Approve with modification in the utility d. Note: If the corporate does not have IT Declaration intranet utility, then the data entry is done in spreadsheets Put the paper documents in the boxes provided by corporate II. Online (electronic) proof verification Activities involved: Employees will email scanned documents (income tax proofs) to Taxspanner Taxspanner professionals will perform below mentioned activities at its Central Processing Centre a. Open the corporate IT Declaration utility b. Verify the documents emailed by the employees as per employee declaration in the utility c. Approve/Reject/Approve with modification in the utility d. Note: If the corporate does not have IT Declaration intranet utility, then the data entry is done in spreadsheets Save employee documents in a folder with name “Employee Id”Respond to any employee queries on email
  • IT Department Follow up
  • Apart from the interaction required with Income Tax Department for general compliance, you may need to initiate other procedures with regards to your income tax documentation. TaxSpanner understands that such followups with the Income Tax Department may get troublesome for tax payers. That's why our "IT Department Followup" offering conducts the following communication with ITD on your behalf: Filing Revised Return Filing Rectification Tracking Refund Status Who’s it for? If you have missed declaring any detail in income or deductions in your ITR, or want to make any correction to the same (given the return has not been processed by the IT department yet) If you have to rectify any detail in income or deductions in your ITR (after the return has been processed by the IT department) If you have not received the refund expected Service Level Agreement Each of the above mentioned followups will be done online. In case a physical visit is required, extra charges apply at Rs. 1,999 per visit. This facility is available only for income tax wards in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. All your support queries will be responded within 24 hrs
  • Foreign Income solution
  • Services for overseas Indians - NRIs, Residents with foreign income, Expatriates, Foreign citizens Preparation and Filing of Return (a) for employees who went overseas for short-term assignment (for less than 180 days in the financial year), i.e.,Residents with foreign income Return shall be prepared on the basis of information provided by you with no professional advice involved. No phone-based support will be provided. Price: Rs. 2,499 (b) for all foreign citizens and overseas Indians not falling in category (a), i.e. Non Resident Indians - NRIs, who have any source of income in India Return shall be prepared on the basis of information provided by you. No phone-based support will be provided. Consultation related to tax planning, to the extent possible within the four parameters of law (for current year only), will also be provided. Price: Rs. 2,499 Expert Consultation on Tax Liability Indians overseas / foreign citizens can receive consultation services to know which part of their income is chargeable to tax in India. The consultation will be provided as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the relevant Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (restricted to current year's income only). Price: Rs. 2,499 per hour Details Required Apart from the basic details required for preparation of return (viz. name, address, father’s name, PAN, Ward, bank details for refund), other documents required are: - Copy of Form 16 for salary income earned in India; Details of other income in India; Details of tax deducted at source in India (with copies of TDS certificates) other than salary; Month-wise details of income outside India with supporting documents; Details of tax deducted at source outside India, if any; Copy of tax return filed in the foreign country, if any; Detail of Living Allowance and Indian salary in foreign currency if the Indian salary was received in foreign currency; Whether employed in Indian company and sent abroad for project, and paid by Indian company in foreign; Residential status (i.e. No. of days you have stayed in India in the previous years) Package cost Rs. 2,499 only (plus service tax)
  • Bulk PAN Validation
  • Solution to verify PAN of the employees against the database of the India Income Tax Department. Discrepancies found while income tax pan card verification are reported to the employer via automated MIS. To enable eligible Entities to verify Permanent Account Numbers (PANs), Income Tax Department (ITD) in India has authorized National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) to launch an online PAN verification service for verification of PAN cards by authorized entities. In case of valid PAN, name of the PAN holder, last date of PAN update as per ITD database and the status as “existing and valid” will be displayed. If the PAN is a fake PAN as per ITD database, the status will be shown as “Fake PAN”. In case the PAN is not found in database, the response will be “not in ITD database”. In such cases, if the user is able to provide a proof of this PAN (copy of PAN card or PAN allotment letter), NSDL will forward the same to ITD for investigation.
  • Employee Tax Seminars
  • Our panel of distinguished chartered accountants provides deep insights to the employees regarding income tax compliance and tax planning. The panel consists of tax professionals who have 15-25 years of employee taxation experience. Not long ago, one of the largest tech companies in the world fired majority of finance department in their Bangalore facility due to inappropriate TDS deduction resulting from fake rent receipts and car lease documents submitted by employees. Though the part of the reason was the compliance, the bigger reason was the blow to the brand image of the MNC. The CBDT has made some significant announcements in Budget 2011, which will put more responsibility on the employers to ensure the tax compliance of the employees. Some of the challenges faced by the Finance/HR departments in the corporate world in India are: challenges of ensuring tax compliance of the employees conduct of the Finance team members while communicating with the employees processes of employee proof verification inculcating the tax compliance spirit in the employees ensuring that the employees are not misled by rampant mis-selling of financial products In line with our mission, it is an endeavour to increase financial and tax literacy of the employees.